Ares 11

Ares 11 poster CMP

Ares 11
Directed by Robert Goodrich

Four crewmembers of a military surveillance spacecraft on a routine reconnaissance mission over the asteroid Vesta, stumble upon a secret enemy base.  Alarms sound, alerting them to a rapidly approaching surface to space missile, but it is too late.  The missile strikes their ship, severely damaging the craft.   

Once at a safe distance they assess the damage, and come face to face with a startling realization.  The missile has destroyed most of their oxygen supply, leaving them only enough air for two of them to make it back to base alive.

Now in a fight for survival, each crewmember must decide whether they are to calmly accept their fate or betray their fellow crewmembers, as tension rises in the tiny ship and the air slowly leaks from the crippled spacecraft.

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