S.I.N. Theory

SIN Theory Poster (450x637)S.I.N. Theory
Directed by: Richie Mitchell

Synopsis: A recently fired Math Professor, using illegally obtain credit and health information, creates an algorithm that is able to predict the outcome of the lives of the people around him—including their death.

Official Selection:

Boston Science Fiction Film Festival 2013
Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival 2012
Moving Image Film Festival Future World Showcase 2012

"One of the most compelling indie flicks of the year" - Rogue Cinema

"Fans of Shane Carruth’s PRIMER, Darren Aronofsky’s PI, and Christopher Nolan’s FOLLOWING will undoubtedly love this film”
- The Watcher's Council

"a DIY indie project achieved with little assistance and a lot of soul " - Filmmaking Review

          - Canadian Film Review 

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