Hawk(e): The Movie

Directed by Tom Turner & Phil Baker
Written By:Phil Baker & Paul Gentle
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Movie-maker-come-idiot Mike Hawk sets about making his latest movie, a Rom-Com called "Get Becky Laid". Hawk is given the green light by Richard Daley who is happy to finance Hawk's venture provided he can make a documentary about Hawk during the Rom com's production. Richard Daley instructs his friend and associate to present the documentary thus Mike Hawke is followed in his pursuits by documentary maker and film fanatic 'Philip K Longfellow' Mike Hawk also plays the lead character in 'Get Becky Laid' and has created the character the 'Mike Hawke' — after himself only adding an additional 'e' to his name to distinguish the two. It becomes apparent very early on that Mike's bitten off more than he can chew, arguments begin resulting in some hilarious situations, Longfellow follows him as he gets through the making of the film, achieving it only through sheer determination and ignorance.

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